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Untitled Ninja Universe


Genre: Martial Arts, Adventure

Sammi is a young gaijin ninja who misses her father more than anything. Reiko is a young ninja assassin who, blindly consumed by her grief and hatred, is sent to eliminate the family of a renigade ninja.

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Character Bios

Author's Note: This manga features some of the same characters as the web manga "First Impressions" but takes place 1 to 2 years later.


Age: 16
Sammi and her father trained in the Ninja arts until he mysteriously disappeared when she was four years old. Sammi's mother then took over the training, and the two have been living alone ever since. Sammi has a strong spirit (and a strong will) and isn't afraid of a good fight. She has vowed to find the man responsible for her father's disappearance and make him pay. Meanwhile, though, she attends high-school and trains hard, waiting until the day when she will find her father.


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Nathan has been Sammi's friend since, well, pretty much forever. He met Sammi around the same time her father disappeared. He trains at Sammi's mother's dojo as well, although he's no where near as experienced as Sammi.


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